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Latest Breaking News - News and Society - Viewing: Buffalo Cosmetic Dentist Offers Patients Affordable Dental Health Care


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BUFFALO, NY - Leading Buffalo cosmetic dentist, Dr. Robert LaCarrubba of Dr. Bob's Dental Care, is pleased to offer his patients a discounted dental plan for affordable dental care. Patients can visit the practice's website for more information on current dental plans available and to see which plan would work best for them.

Dr. Bob's dental plan is a comprehensive dental plan that provides members with significant savings on dental services in all of Dr. Bob's Dental Care locations. It is an easily accessible plan that offers a complete package of reduced fees for virtually every patient's dental needs, making quality dentistry more affordable.

"Many people neglect their oral health due to a lack in proper dental health coverage. This is why I am happy to offer an affordable dental plan for all of my patients. No longer do they need to worry about being able to afford the treatment they need because with our dental plan, patients can save from 20 to 64 percent on dental fees," said Dr. Robert LaCarrubba, Buffalo dentist.

Patients can join Dr. Bob's dental plan for a host of benefits. They will experience reduced fees for all dental procedures, from Buffalo implants to veneers and sedation in Buffalo. The dental plan also covers pre-existing conditions and has no deductibles, claim forms, frequency limitations, annual or lifetime maximums and no waiting periods.

While visiting the website for this Buffalo general dentist, patients can view individual dental plans that are available. Patients can choose from member only for $99 per year, member + 1 dependent for $149 per year or member + 2 or more dependents for $199 per year. Each plan contains a link for a description and option to purchase for easy, convenient coverage.

Whether patients are in need of a routine dental cleaning or more extensive work such as six month braces in Buffalo, they can turn to Dr. Bob's Dental Care for coverage they can afford. The introduction of Dr. Bob's dental plan is further proof of Dr. LaCarrubba's continual commitment to providing patients with the best care available through affordable resources.

About Dr. Bob's Dental Care: Owned and operated by Dr. Robert LaCarrubba, Dr. Bob's Dental Care provides patients with general and cosmetic dentistry services including sedation, veneers, six month braces and implants. Dr. LaCarrubba believes that a doctor and patient become a team for treating an individual's dental needs. Each member of Dr. Bob's Dental Care has the ability to assist patients at any convenient location. Working alongside Dr. LaCarrubba are Drs. Mark Donahue, Alex Campagna, Jeffrey Dolgos, Kenny Gerace, Katy Coster Burgler, Jason Creps, Ryan Maine, Courtney McLean, Gene Sibick, Nikki Chang, Alan Weiner and Greg Hudecki.

Media Contact:
Dr. Robert LaCarrubba, DDS
892 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222
(716) 332-0460

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